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In May 2011 the 2 day’s Smart Lighting event on networked intelligent lighting will be organized in Dusseldorf.


History of L.A.F. a.s.


started in 1951, when Liberec Automotive Plant was founded in former textile plant. At the beginning the company flourished as independent enterprise. In 1958 the company was integrated into bigger concern - LIAZ, as plant 03 - Hanychov, with business office in Jablonec nad Nisou. After organization structure changes in 1997 the plant cane into operation as L.A.F. a.s. - again independently.





Production history:



1951 - 1991

Production of engines for LIAZ trucks and KAROSA buses


1969 - 1982

Production of rear axles for LIAZ trucks and KAROSA buses


1979- ……

Production of front axles for LIAZ and TEDOM TRUCK trucks, KAROSA, AUTOSAN and SOLARIS buses, ŠKODA OSTROV and SOLARIS trolleybuses, production of lift axles for PHOENIX


2003- ……

Production of plastic parts - molding injection technology




L.A.F. a.s.
Bánskobystrická 114/26
460 08 Liberec 8
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 485 227 311
Fax: +420 482 770 669